Welcome to Lake Como Properties

At Lake Como Properties we source and sell some of the most spectacular, beautiful and sought after property around Lake Como. Using our local Como contacts, we unearth superb homes and apartments for sale, and help a wide range of buyers with varying budgets enjoy the pleasures and life style of owning property around Lake Como.

We are not a portal but an exclusive property agency with select, hand picked property all around the lakes beautiful shores and surrounding landscape. Although our price  ranges start from @ £250,000 to over £15 Million++ within each price range we only sell the highest quality, hand picked property.

Because of the discerning nature of our service, and the exclusivity of our clientele we believe in quality not quantity. For both sellers and buyers alike, your information and property needs will be treated with the utmost discretion. 

We also believe in giving excellent customer service.

For potential buyers where money is no object, but "location, location, location" is all important – for both privacy, and security – we have access to many of the areas most superb properties, a number of which are only available through our private property network. 

For all enquirers, please complete the short questionnaire below. From your initial details we will personally select property that meets your needs and send, normally in 24-48 hours, a summary selection.

Once you have received the summary, please review it and advise us of your preferred shortlist. We will then send full and comprehensive details, either by email, or post (or both), for your review.

Once you have received your detailed shortlist and wish to see a suitable home (or homes), we can organise your viewings, travel and other matters, or discuss them with you. Please complete the questionnaire below:

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